32 Inch Reflector Disc 5-in-1 Diffuser in Case

32' 5 in 1 Photo Studio Premium Round Reflectors
Five different colors provide different functions:
Gold: warm up the picture
Silver: brighten the picture
White: bounce light into shadows
Black: block out unwanted light
Diffuser Translucent: soften light, often used overhead
Available diameters: 32'
Folds easily to fit in its case
Case is black heavy duty material with a sturdy zipper

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Manufacturer Price $40.00
  • 32 Inch Reflector Disc 5-in-1  Diffuser 
  • Case

This Vidpro RF-80 5-in-1 round reflector, regularly used in photography, is used as a reflective surface to redirect light towards a given object or scene.

It is very important to choose the right kind of reflector as board reflectors vary in size, color, reflectivity, and portability. Each color reflector is used to help create the proper setting for your picture. The translucent board is used for softer lighting to minimize shadow. Silver is used to emphasize a contrast. The gold board is used to create warm tones. The white board is used to create a neutral color and the black board is used to block out any unwanted light.