4-Pack 96 LED Professional Photo & Video LED Light Kit

  • Four Individual 96-LED Lights
  • Many Accessories
  • Combined 200W-Equivalent Light-Beam
  • Horizontal / Vertical Interlock Options
  • Only 10x6 Inches in a 2x2 Configuration
  • 2.5 Hrs of Power with Included L-Series
  • Included Filters Adjust 5600K to 3200K
  • Adjustable 0-100% Brightness Control
  • On / Off-Camera and Stand-Mount Options
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  • 4-Piece Interlocking Professional Photo & Video LED Light Kit
  • 4 x 3200K Tungsten Filters
  • 4 x 4200K Soft Diffusers
  • 7.4V 7000mAh Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery and Charger
  • Battery Cradle and Four-Plug Power Cable
  • Adjustable Stand Bracket and Umbrella Receptacle
  • Adjustable Tripod and Shoe Ball Mount
  • Horizontal Mount and Adapter Stud
  • Foam-Grip Handle
  • Carrying Case
Power Four light units combined: 28W, 5.8-16.8V
Illumination Four light units combined: 
9600 lux / 19.6" (50cm)
3200 lux / 39.3" (1m)
Color Temperature 5600-3200K
Color Rendering Index 85%
Beam Angle Ultra wide: 65°
Weight Light, case and accessories: 4 lbs (1.8 kg) 
Four light units connected and with battery, cradle and mount: 3 lbs (1.36 kg) 
Case and accessories: 1 lb (0.45 kg)
Dimensions Four light units connected: 10.2 x 6.2 x 1.77" (26 x 16 x 4.5cm)
Packaging Info
Package Weight 6.15 lb
Box Dimensions (LxWxH) 16.8 x 11.6 x 3.9"

The 4-Pack 96 LED Professional Photo & Video LED Light Kit is a case set of four inpidual 96-LED lights and an assortment of accessories that provide power and different mounting and color options. The lights interlock into a variety of vertical and horizontal configurations, and in a 2x2 configuration total to only 10x6 inches. Each light produces a 50W-equivalent light-beam and the combined set produces a total of 200W.

The included accessories are:

Four tungsten filters and four soft diffusers
An L-series 7.4V Li-ion battery with a charger
A battery cradle with a four-plug power cable
An adjustable stand bracket with an umbrella receptacle
An adjustable tripod and shoe ball mount
A horizontal mount with an adapter stud
A foam-grip handle

An L-series battery provides all four lights with approximately 2.5 hours of power. The L-series attaches into a battery cradle, the cradle attaches onto the back of the lights, and a four-plug cable extends from the cradle into each light. AC power or five AA batteries per light can alternatively be used.

The color temperature of the lights is 5600K. It can be lowered to 4200K with the soft diffusers, and to 3200K with the tungsten filters. And brightness can be controlled from 0-100% with an adjustable stepless dimmer.

The filters and diffusers are uniquely designed to magnetically snap on to the lights. The foam-grip handle can be used to hold the lights off-camera. The adjustable shoe-mount allows on-camera use. And the adjustable stand bracket allows for stand mounting.

The accessories and lights fit perfectly into inserts made for them in the carrying case. The case itself is hard, rugged, foam padded, and fully loaded totals to approximately 4 lbs.

A case set of four 96-LED lights and many accessories.
The lights interlock in various vertical and horizontal setups.
The lights are small, and combine to only 10x6" in a 2x2 setup.
Every light produces a 50W-equivalent beam for a total of 200W.
An included L-series battery provides 2.5 hours of cable-free power.
The included filters magnetically attach to the lights via a unique design.
On and off-camera setups can be accomplished with included accessories.
The carrying case is hard, rugged, foam-padded, and fully-loaded weighs 4 lbs.