60" Aluminum Tripod in Color Box

60" Aluminum Tripod in Color Box

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  • 60" Aluminum Tripod in Color Box

Key Features

  • Product: Type Tripod
  • Head Type: Panhead
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Supported Devices: Camcorder, Camera

Physical Features

  • Leg: Sections 3
  • Maximum Load: 5 lbs
  • Weight: 2.7 lb

The Vidpro TT1000 60-inch tripod may be used for all types of cameras: video, photo and digital. The three-way head tripod has a dynamic smooth-fluid head to make taking professional photos and videos easier when the camera needs to follow the action. The Vidpro TT1000 also has a large quick release button so that the camera could be removed quickly, if necessary. The Vidpro tripod also has a geared elevator crank so that the photographer can easily raise heavier cameras. The built-in center column lock keeps the Vidpro TT1000 from moving during a shoot; and the center column stabilizer helps to stabilize the camera. The Sure Grip carry handle, sturdy channel legs and the accessory hanger hook on the Vidpro tripod make working with this tripod a breeze, even when the shooter needs to set up quickly. The rubber non-skid feet keep the tripod right where the shooter sets it up; and the pro black non-glare finish keeps the sun or lights from creating a glare in front of the camera. Use the three-way head tripod for professional and non-professional settings.