Extendable Handheld 27" Monopod

  • 1/4" universal screw mount
  • Removeable GoPro Tripod Mount
  • fast & secure camera mounting
  • no coins or screwdriver required
  • built-in mirror for over head shots and self positioning
  • fashionable features with hard anodized finish to prevent rusting
  • works with ditial cameras, camcorders & portable lights
  • fully adjustable to the desired angle, tilt, and length (8" to 27")
  • lanyard included to keep monopod secure while taking a picture
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Manufacturer Price $23.00
  • Extendable Handheld 27" Monopod

The VidPro extendable, handheld monopd/pocket size travel tripod is great for taking self portraits or for reaching higher up or around a corner! It features aGoPro Tripod adapter and a 1/4-Inch universal screw mount that fits the tripod socket on all cameras. It has a built-in mirror for overhead shots or self positioning. Imagine you're at a family event and you need to see over a bunch of prople in front of you. You simply extend the VidPro extendable handheld monopod and view with the mirror and you can get that shot! I has a hard, anodized finish to prevent rusting. It features a professional foam grip on the handle for extreme comfort and a wrist strap for added safety. It extends to 27-Inch and folds to 8-Inch. It has a full swivel ball head with a lock knob for securing your camera. It holds up to 1.1 lbs.