Infrared Remote Switch for Nikon RCN

  • Wireless, lightweight remote switch for Nikon
  • Reduces image blur and camera shake
  • 15-foot range
  • 3V Battery included
  • Compatible with Nikon DSLRs: D40/D40x/D50/D70/D80/D90/D3000/D5000/D5100/D7000, Coolpix 8400/8800/P6000/P7000, Film F55/F65/F75/N65/N75, Nuvis-S, & Lite TOUCH
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  • Infrared Remote Switch for Nikon RCN

Compact, lightweight and easy-to-use remote switch with a 15-foot (5m) range for Nikon digital cameras that support infrared triggering. Just set your camera menu to accept remote triggering and aim the remote at the infrared sensor. The RCN remote provides an affordable and effective way to eliminate blur and camera shake by taking crisp photos from a distance.