Pro Heavy Duty Steady 65" Series Tripod

  • 3-way panhead with two handles
  • Spike leg tips for stability
  • Strong locking mechanism
  • All-weather foam grip
  • Dual lock safety mechanism
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  • Pro Heavy Duty Steady 65" Series Tripod 
  • Angles:   25deg., 50deg. and 80deg.
  • Maximum Height:   65" / 165.1cm
  • Tilt    90deg.
  • Pan:   360deg.
  • Compatibility   Most digital and 35mm SLR cameras

The Bower Heavy Duty Pro Steady Lift Series 65" Tripod is a durable, lightweight, versatile stand that is compatible with most digital and 35mm SLR cameras. Its versatility lies in its adjustable legs, which provide lock settings at 25deg., 50deg. and 80deg. angles. It has a three-way panhead, dual handles and lock safety mechanism, adjustable hook for accessories and an all-weather foam grip. Spike legs provide additional stability.