Marumi DHG 49mm Lens Protect Filter

Marumi DHG 49mm Lens Protect Filter


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Whats in the box

  • Marumi DHG 49mm Lens Protect Filter


  • Circular Filter Size: 49mm
  • Material: Made of Glass

Long-selling basic product of Marumi filter since its release ahead of the industry. It supports a wide-angle lens and employs ultra-thin frame design with knurling.
Blackened outer rim of glass
Minimizes internal reflection to reduce flare and ghosting.
Dynamic coating
Reduces reflection further by increasing coating layers.
Ultra-thin frame design
Thin frame design makes vignetting extremely low.
Satin finish
Matte coating minimizes reflection.
Designed for easier handling.
Lens cap and hood attachable
Lens cap and hood can be attached.

Product Specs

  • Marumi DHG Lens Protect Filter Specifications
  • Finish Satin
  • Dynamic Coating Yes