Why Buy Canon EOS 5D Mark IV DSLR Digital Camera?

Why Buy Canon EOS 5D Mark IV DSLR Digital Camera?

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV DSLR Camera is a brand-new, top-rated professional camera in the photography world. Featuring a 30.4 MP full-frame CMOS sensor, DIGIC 6+ image processor, 7fps shooting with AF/AE tracking, DCI 4K video at 30 fps, and so many other components, the camera helps capture precise images quickly and effectively.

While the DIGIC 6+ image processor helps balance fine detail and resolution with low-light performance and sensitivity, it handles up to 7 frames per second when shooting continuously.

The camera can perform in the range of ISO 100-32000, which further can be expanded to ISO 50-102400 for clear, low-noise images in various conditions. Along with these features, the camera comes with built-in Wi-Fi, GPS, an enhanced AF system, and much more to boost performance.  

The 150,000-pixel RGB+IR metering sensor in the camera evaluates the scene and subjects for accurate exposures under different lighting conditions. A 61-point High-Density Reticular AF fosters the camera's speed by tracking and locking onto subjects promptly and precisely for tack sharp photos. A new AF area select button is also available for near-immediate access to this setting.

The Canon 5D Mark IV DSLR is also the first EOS camera to offer the Dual Pixel RAW file format. This feature allows professionals to fine-tune images in post-production by adjusting or correcting the point of sharpness, reducing image ghosting.

Here are the significant reasons why you should rely on the Canon 5D EOS Mark IV.

Ease of Use & Convenience

The Canon EOS 5D Mark IV DSLR Camera is similar to its earlier version in appearance. It is slightly smaller and lighter compared to the Canon 5D Mark III and weighs 50g less than the third version. Its magnesium alloy body makes it more durable than the plastic body cameras, and it also has a weatherproofing component for protection against moisture and dust. Hence, the 5D Mark IV is ideal for everyone with normal to large-sized hands with its size.

You can also find an infrared port on the grip on the front of the 5D Mark IV, self-timer lamp, depth-of-field preview button, relocated port for a remote shutter release, and a monaural microphone beneath the camera logo.

The familiar placement of the dials, inputs, and buttons on the camera puts it easier to ease.

With the AF Area Select Button in the DSLR, you can modify many different functions.

The remote connection input on the front of the camera comes in handy when you shoot on a tripod.

The shutter sound is very different, much softer and quieter than Canon 5D Mark II and 5D Mark III models.

And it doesn’t end here! Below are the advantages of using Canon EOS 5D Mark IV DSLR.

LCD: The LCD behind the 5D Mark IV Canon DSLR is significantly enhanced than the 5D Mark III; it’s brighter and lets you see a more dynamic range on your images.

GPS: The Canon 5D Mark IV EOS is the 2nd high megapixel DSLR with GPS. Having GPS on your camera is great when you look for images or remember a location and get directions on how to reach there.

Touch Screen: This is a crunch point on the Canon 5D Mark IV. While you shoot in live mode, you can simply point and touch exactly where you’d want the camera to focus.

ISO: The low light capability on the 5D Mark IV has improved a lot with the ISO ranging from 100 up to 32,000 (102,400 expandable), and you don’t have to worry about noise above 1600 ISO as you can shoot comfortably at ISO 4000 with the Canon 5D Mark IV.

Auto Focus: The Auto Focus component on the 5D Mark IV EOS is greatly enhanced than the 5D Mark III. Get the focal point easily with the 5D Mark IV!

WiFi:  The Canon 5D Mark IV is the 2nd large megapixel full-frame camera with built-in Wi-Fi, which helps you enable wireless sharing, control, and image transfer with a compatible smart device.

USB 3.0: It’s perfect for tethering with USB 3.0 in Canon 5D Mark IV.

FPS: The 7fps in the Canon 5D Mark IV makes it an excellent option for various events and actions.

Dual Card Slots: Having dual card slots is crucial to avoid memory cards failure. The capacity to write to both cards simultaneously is extremely handy with Canon 5D Mark IV.

Besides all, the price of the Canon 5D Mark IV EOS is competitive when compared with other brands, starting at $2280 approximately.

With all these specifications and features, Canon 5D Mark IV EOS makes the best out of other brands out there. It is the most reliable camera recommended best for working professionals who need to get work done effectively.

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